Awareness for the business traveler

ARGOS Security works closely with customers to establish guidelines and protocols that reflect risk appetites and provide tailored solutions that enable them to travel safely anywhere in the world. We are able to develop guidelines for customers and implement risk mitigation measures that are appropriate and proportionate to their needs. This service contains equipping employees…


Global tracking of personell and assets

ARGOS Security has significant experience in tracking personnel and assets in high risk areas as well as the routine monitoring of corporate travellers.

We tailor tracking services to match individual requirements after consideration of a diversity of factors, such as destination, location and risk.

Development of Local security Staff

ARGOS Security works closely with local security staff developing security policies and guidelines in the field. This delivers best practice services: Combining international standards with essential local insight, access and knowledge. This will help staff prevent or mitigate security incidents in a manner that is appropriate for the customer in that particular context. Local security…