Political and Risk Monitor

ARGOS Security bv, has launched a Political and Risk Monitor services, the service will be accessible on www.argos-security.info On this site we provide a systematic examination of open source information to identify potential threats, risks, emerging issues and opportunities. With this new services, we allow Security, Risk, Safety and Travel professionals to be well informed…


Close Protection Training (SIA Qualification)

Course Outline in respect of close protection training course as recognised by the BCUC and SIA. The close protection-training course has been devised based on a combination of both Police and Military close protection training courses, together with experience gained within the private sector in relation to close protection. The designees of the course, have…


Corporate training

The corporate training programs are covering different subjects as listed below:

  • Crises management
  • Travel awareness
  • Business continuity
  • Basic Counter surveillance
  • Defensive driving courses

These training packages are based on a standard packages which will be adjust to correspond to the clients policies, procedures and needs.

Risk management & Business Continuity

In today’s economy, organisations are facing numerous risks and challenges to their ability to undertake business, ranging from terrorism, economic crises, social instability, local, political and cross-border tensions and a growth in malicious activism. We enable clients to improve their long-term resilience to business risks through the provision of focused risk management. This service increases…

Risk Assessments & Security Audits

By reviewing the risks to the clients operations, we ensure that the security procedures and systems in place are re-evaluated and fit our client’s needs. Ensuring that systems and procedures are able to mitigate the risks to a minimum, allows the client to concentrate on their operations. ARGOS Security delivers measurable improvements in customers’ security.…