ARGOS Security

Our services assist clients to reduce the risks to which they, and their employees, are exposed. Whatever the nature of the risks our clients face, either security, integrity or political, ARGOS Security BV can tailor an effective solution that will meet their exact requirements.

We work closely with our customers to ensure our methodology is aligned with their operational requirements. Our core capabilities are what drives the value of our services for clients.

Our services

Risk management & Business Continuity

In today’s economy, organisations are facing numerous risks and challenges to their ability to undertake business, ranging from terrorism, economic crises, social instability, local, political and cross-border tensions and a growth in malicious activism.

We enable clients to improve their long-term resilience to business risks through the provision of focused risk management.

This service increases the client’s ability to cope and bounce back and helps clients respond effectively to whatever situation they may find themselves in.

Risk Assessments & Security Audits

By reviewing the risks to the clients operations, we ensure that the security procedures and systems in place are re-evaluated and fit our client’s needs. Ensuring that systems and procedures are able to mitigate the risks to a minimum, allows the client to concentrate on their operations.

ARGOS Security delivers measurable improvements in customers’ security. Our security assessments reference industry-approved international standards and reflect our global experience of best business practice.

These audits are developed in cooperation with clients as to ensure that their concerns are covered extensively within the audit.

Typically the audit consists of a physical security part and will highlight the observations and conclusions made. The audit will also cover political, terrorism and other risks which might affect the client.

Awareness for the business traveler

ARGOS Security works closely with customers to establish guidelines and protocols that reflect risk appetites and provide tailored solutions that enable them to travel safely anywhere in the world.

We are able to develop guidelines for customers and implement risk mitigation measures that are appropriate and proportionate to their needs.

This service contains equipping employees who travel to overseas locations with the ability and alertness to recognize and mitigate threats to their safety and security. It prepares individuals to deal with threats they may face and ensures that they travel safely with awareness and confidence.


Global tracking of personell and assets

ARGOS Security has significant experience in tracking personnel and assets in high risk areas as well as the routine monitoring of corporate travellers.

We tailor tracking services to match individual requirements after consideration of a diversity of factors, such as destination, location and risk.

Development of Local security Staff

ARGOS Security works closely with local security staff developing security policies and guidelines in the field. This delivers best practice services: Combining international standards with essential local insight, access and knowledge.

This will help staff prevent or mitigate security incidents in a manner that is appropriate for the customer in that particular context. Local security guidelines contain context-specific policy and procedures, and any information required to implement them.

These guidelines outline standard operating procedures which help to prevent and/or minimize insecurity and address issues such as: personal security and staff safety, site security, vehicles, movement and travel, communication, financial management, security levels and indicators and reporting incidents.

These guidelines are dynamic and continually reviewed to reflect any changes in the security situation.