ARGOS Security bv is providing training in different fields, our trained and experienced trainers are subject matter experts and have mostly gained their experience in different government bodies and in the commercial security world. Security training programs can be provided on the site or in our training facilities in the Netherlands.

All training programs can be tailored so as to be client specific. SIA and BCUC recognised trainings are only provided in English by qualified trainers.



PLEASE NOTE: That due to the nature and content of certain training packages listed above instruction will only be undertaken by officially recognised bodies that can prove a requirement for their operatives to be trained in intensive firearms techniques and tactical procedures. In addition (with the exception organisations possessing the necessary Certification) because of the restrictions imposed by Dutch legislation weapons training packages will only be carried out outside of the Netherlands.

Enquiries on the above trainings can be send to

Close Protection Training

Course Outline in respect of close protection training course as recognised by the SIA. The close protection-training course has been devised based on a combination of both Police and Military close protection training courses, together with experience gained within the private sector in relation to close protection. The designees of the course, have many years of experience in relation to close protection and hold official home office qualifications in relation to the subject matter.

For more information, send an email to the following email address



This course is SIA approved and provided in English. Especially for our SIA approved courses we have teamed up with a certified SIA licensed instructor from the UK, who is certified to provide the course and take the exams.

Initiation to CPO training (2 day introduction course)

These courses are specifically aimed at individuals who may wish to become a professional CPO but are not sure what that entails. Its aim is to impart current information on the role of the modern day professional CPO, inform individuals as to the necessary skills and attributes required of them within the profession, and hopes to dispel some of the myths surrounding it. Those attending will also be given the opportunity to carry out some basic drills applicable to the role. At the conclusion of the weekend, attendees will have a clearer view of what the role of the CPO is all about and should they desire, they will be given the opportunity to receive a professional assessment as to their suitability towards further training within the field.